In the Marion Hotel
393 Marion Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2H 0V4
Friendly Reminder That We
Do Not Take Reservations

Shout out to all who made 2014 an incredible year, we are so fortunate,
We love feeding you, we love working with you and especially we cant get enough of this place...
Cheers to feeding you more cause people who love to eat are always the best people!


Top 10 Accomplishments in year one:

Made 648 tickle my pickle burgers for le burger week
Won peoples choice for poutine cup
Made Marion warhoffs top ten new restaurant list
Chef Melissa got engaged to Jason
Sabrina completing two courses: Professionalism for life and Manitobas Best Service excellence
Accomplishing our first kitchen addition
Our two cooks Nicole and Aaron winning CCFCC bursaries for 2014
Melissa Hryb winning chef of the year for 2014
Feed on average 1400 amazing customers a week
Employ over 25 of the best most positive and hardworking employees