In the Marion Hotel
393 Marion Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2H 0V4
Friendly Reminder That We
Do Not Take Reservations

Shout out to all who made 2015 an incredible year, we are so fortunate,
We love feeding you, we love working with you and especially we cant get enough of this place...
Cheers to feeding you more cause people who love to eat are always the best people!


Top 10 Accomplishments in year two:

Served over 1,400 burgers in 5 days for Le Burger Week & placed 3rd in Winnipeg
Had awesome Co-op students
Filmed “You Gotta Eat Here” at The Eatery
Randy became Sous Chef
The best staff parties were had with board games & scavenger hunts
Won both Peoples’ & Judges’ choice trophies with our Drunken Baba Poutine at Poutine Cup
Sabrina started working in the kitchen as well as front of house - cooking your specials & serving them too!
Prepared food for the Jets flights
Proudly worked together as a team & had fun while doing it
Took home the Peoples’ Choice award at the Pea Soup Competition at Festival du Voyageur